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By | August 29, 2022

MyLanViewer 5.6.3 Crack Plus Activation Key [Latest]


MyLanViewer 5.6.3 Crack scanner for local networks (LAN), packet capture tool, remote termination, and Waking on LAN. (WOL) administrator, a wireless scanner, and monitoring are included in My LAN Viewer Network/IP Scanner. This software finds all machines on your network, whether wired or wireless (Wi-Fi), by IP address, MAC address, or shared folder using this software.

Your network computers are displayed in a buddy-list type window that includes the hostname, public Ip, MAC address, NIC manufacturer, OS version, registered users, shared files, as well as other technical information for each computer. When a computer’s condition changes via its IP address, a notification will be shown on the screen.

What’s New:

  • A LAN is a local area network, whereas a WAN is a wide area network.
  • A LAN, or LAN, is a type of network that connects a limited number of physical locations, such as a single house, an office complex, or an apartment complex.
  • LANs that cover smaller geographic regions are called “LANs,” whereas networks that span the world are called “WANs,” or “Wide Area Networks.”
  • WANs, such as the Internet, are used by a wide range of businesses and organizations, connecting tens of millions of computers and other devices.
  • Because CAT # cabling is so prevalent in local area networks, Ethernet is the most commonly used networking technology for these networks, and it specifies how data should be transferred through the physical medium.
  • Level 1 and Link layer devices can be used in local area networks. These devices include hubs and repeaters, as well as switches and bridges. Layer 3 equipment, such as multi-layer routers and switches, is used by WANs rather than LANs, which rely on Level 0 and Layer 2 devices.

Key Features:

  • So, Standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi network interface cards are standard on the vast majority of new PCs, laptops, and tablets. Using this method, the computer may connect to the Internet. The operating system should automatically setup and update the NIC’s driver software.
  • Uniformed Twisted Pair Cables (UTP) are the most commonly used. Fiber optic connections are the way to go if you’re searching for blisteringly fast rates.
  • A switch and a hub will be located in a box that you’ll need to route wires to. Switches and hubs are commonly seen in LANs. Using a switch instead of a hub, which splits and sends data packets to all the computers on a LAN, can cut down on network traffic.
  • Routers interconnect to other local area networks (LANs) and assign IP’s to the gadgets you connect to them. A Wi-Fi connection must be installed in order to link PCs with Wi-Fi NICs.
  • If you want to connect several local area networks (LANs) and the internet to make a wide area network, there are several reasons to use modems.
  • So, Download network software and security software, if not already included with your operating system.
  • You’ll need a computer with a lot of memory and hard disc space if you want to use DHCP.


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  • So, The benefits of LAN include the sharing of hardware and software.
  • It’s not too expensive either.
  • owned by an individual.
  • All of the user’s work may be centrally located in a single location.
  • So, It’s a separate part.
  • Protecting your network from hackers is simple and straightforward.


  • Its defining characteristics are the LAN.
  • Currently, the network is restricted to a few kilometers in size.
  • The rate at which data is sent is typically rather rapid. The speeds vary from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.
  • Category 5 cables are the most prevalent communication medium for LANs.
  • The topology of a LAN sets it apart from other types of networks. There are four typical network topologies: buses, ring, mesh, and star.
  • A local area network (LAN) typically has a maximum number of linked machines. To put it another way, LANs can only be scaled so far.


So, Additionally, My LAN Viewer’s Network/IP Scanner is capable of detecting rogue DHCP servers, terminating user connections, disabling shared folders, and displaying net stat statistics. The program can keep track of every device on your subnet, even those that aren’t visible to the naked eye, and send you notifications when anything new is discovered. The application is simple to set up and use, and So, it has a gorgeous and user-friendly design.

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